Windshield Replacement

Complete Windshield Replacement in Colorado Springs

Free lifetime rock chip repair warranty!
Your windshield is a safety feature in your vehicle and the entire replacement process revolves around proper adhesion of the glass to the pinch weld.

  • We only use OEM or OEM quality glass during the replacement of your windshield
  • Glass will be cleaned and prepped properly to ensure proper adhesion.
  • Removal of all existing urethane (Full Cut) to ensure proper adhesion
  • Anti-corrosion primer will be used in pinch weld to prevent the possibility of rust.
  • New mouldings (Where applicable) will be installed on glass. Most side mouldings are designed to come on and off and are not generally replaced.
  • Drive-away time will be noted on work order and customer will be notified of his/her safe drive away time.
  • Stickers will be replaced if possible. Many stickers can not be put back on your windshield. DOD, express toll etc.
  • Windshield will be cleaned and inspected prior to vehicle being returned to customer.
  • Warranty and instructions will be left hanging on rear view mirror.
  • Windshield will be protected with a Lifetime Rock Chip Warranty.
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Windshield Replacement

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