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Windshield Replacement

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Windshield replacement


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Windshield Replacement

Your windshield is a safety feature in your vehicle and the entire replacement process revolves around proper adhesion of the glass to the pinch weld.


Sometimes cracks and chips in your windshield can be repaired.  However if the damage exceeds the size of a quarter, there’s a good likelihood that your windshield needs to be replaced.  Your windshield performs an important safety function for you and passengers of your vehicle, and it works tirelessy on your behalf!  So when it becomes damaged it is important to act right away.  It seems like there’s never a good time for things like this to happen, but when they do, we’re here for you.

Service Provided


Only OEM or OEM Quality Glass is used in all windshield replacements.


Glass will be cleaned and prepped properly to ensure proper adhesion.


Anti-corrosion primer will be used in pinch weld to prevent the possibility of rust.


New mouldings (Where applicable) will be installed on glass.


Drive-away time will be noted on work order and customer will be notified of his/her safe drive away time.


Stickers will be replaced if possible. Many stickers can not be put back on your windshield. DOD, express toll etc.


Windshield will be cleaned and inspected prior to vehicle being returned to customer.


Windshield will be protected with a Lifetime Rock Chip Warranty.

We are honest and transparent.

Scared to hand over your car to someone you don’t know?  We understand.  Leaving your car to be serviced can be nerve wracking.  We pride ourselves on building trust with our customers through repeat high quality service and interaction.

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We offer competitive pricing.

You don’t have to worry about being nickeled and dimed.  Nor do you have to worry about being charged for unnecessary parts or service.  You can trust that you’ll receive high quality parts at the best prices in town.

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We care about your experience.

Customer service is of the utmost importance to us.  We pride ourselves on providing unprecedented customer service to each and every person who walks in our door.  Have the kids with you?  Don’t worry, we have a recreation area to help keep them happy and occupied!  

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